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Uramaki-Shrimp Sushi (Upside-down Sushi)

  • April 4, 2018
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foods | Uramaki-Shrimp Sushi (Upside-down Sushi)

foods | Uramaki-Shrimp Sushi (Upside-down Sushi)Portions 16 servings Preparation Time 20 minutes Cooking Time 1 minuteIngredients 1 serving of sushi rice prepared 2 slices of nori seaweed 8 peeled and deveined zebra shrimp 4 tablespoons of sesame 1 avocado Mayonnaise Soy sauce Preparation Place a toothpick along the shrimp to prevent them from arching during cooking. Bring them to a boil in salted water for 1 minute. Remove them and put them in ice water. Cut into slices the avocado. Place the nori foil on the grid and on it place the rice pressing lightly; completely cover the seaweed and leave a thickness of 1/2 centimeter. Sprinkle with the sesame and carefully turn the seaweed so that the rice is the one that is at the bottom. Place the avocado in the middle of the seaweed, the shrimp and with a sleeve the mayonnaise. Roll by pressing the mat lightly. Remove from the mat and cut into two portions; cook and cut in four with a very sharp and moistened knife. Serve with soy sauce. Repeat the same operation with the remaining seaweed. Recetas Recomendadas

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