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Chicken curry

  • March 27, 2018
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foods | Chicken curry

foods | Chicken curryPortions 4 servings Preparation Time There are no details Cooking Time There are no detailsIngredients 8 chicken thighs 4 potatoes 1 paiteƱa onion chopped in cubes 4 finely chopped garlic cloves 1 tablespoon mustard seeds 1 tablespoon finely chopped ginger 3 tablespoons of curry powder 3 tablespoons of peppercorns 1 can of coconut milk A bit of cinnamon sticks A little oil A little salt Preparation Heat the oil in a small pot. Add the mustard seeds and let them burst (similar to when making canguil). Add the cinnamon stick, cook until it begins to release its aromas. br> Lower the temperature and add the onion, stirring constantly until golden brown. Add the garlic, the ginger and let it cook for four more minutes. Add the chicken, pepper, curry powder, a little of water, which must be added little by little so that the spices are never dry. Add the potatoes, coconut milk and half a cup of water. Raise the heat until it boils, then lower to the minimum. br> Cook 30 to 40 minutes and rectify the seasoning. Recetas Recomendadas

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