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Custard apples cream

  • August 6, 2018
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Desserts Sweet

sweet | Custard apples cream

sweet | Custard apples creamPortions 30 servings There are no details There are no detailsIngredients 900 grams of cherimoya pulp 1 cup of sugar 4 unflavored gelatin sachets 1 can of evaporated milk 1 cup of water Bath 1 can of evaporated milk 1 cup of sugar 4 tablespoons of chocolate powder 1 teaspoon of butter Preparation Blend the cherimoya pulp with the sugar. Soak the gelatin in the cold water. Bring it to medium heat until it dissolves, taking care not to boil. Whisk the evaporated milk that has been in refrigeration from the previous day until it doubles its volume. Mix all the ingredients. Finally, add the gelatine until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Immediately, pour it in a humid mold and bring it to refrigeration that hardens. Bath preparation: Place the chocolate powder, sugar and evaporated milk in a bowl and bring to the fire. A few minutes before removing from the heat, add the teaspoon of butter. Let the point grow until it thickens. Bath with that cream the dessert. Recetas Recomendadas

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