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Chocolate sandwich cookies

  • March 28, 2018
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| Chocolate sandwich cookies

| Chocolate sandwich cookiesPortions 12 portions There are no details There are no detailsIngredients 75 g butter 75 g sugar 1 beaten egg 1/2 lemon grater 1 teaspoon baking powder 150 g flour Grated coconut INGREDIENTS CHOCOLATE CREAM 75 g of butter 50 g of impalpable sugar 25 g of bitter cocoa 75 g of previously softened chocolate (if it is in microwave for 30 seconds) 1 yolk of egg 1 tablespoon of brandy Shredded coconut, the amount needed Preparation Beat the butter with the sugar until the preparation is well creamy. Add the beaten egg little by little and continue whisking for 5 more minutes. Add the lemon zest, the baking powder, the flour and form a dough. Stretch the dough and cut it into circles. Put it on a tinned buttered tin and bake it for about 15 minutes. PREPARATION CHOCOLATE CREAM Beat the butter until it is creamy. Add the impalpable sugar, the bitter cocoa, the liquor, the soft chocolate and the yolk. Mix everything very well, and if the preparation is very thick, add a little more brandy. Once the alfajores are cold, unite them with the chocolate cream and make them roll by the grated coconut. Recetas Recomendadas

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