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Bogotano ajiaco

  • March 27, 2018
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Broth | Ajiaco bogotano

Broth | Ajiaco BogotanoPorciones
8 servings
Preparation time
75 minutes
Cooking time
There are no details
16 cups of water (4 cups of water can be replaced by 4 cups of milk) 500 grams of potatoes peeled and cut into slices1 kilo of white potatoes peeled and cut into slices750 grams of cholas peeled and cut into slices1 1/2 kilo of fillet of chicken breast4 tender ears of corn divided into pieces3 long onion stems4 cloves of crushed garlic1 bouquet of guascas1 chopped coriander branch1 1/2 cup of cream of milk1 cup of capers4 medium avocados, divided.Salt and pepper to taste
The ajiaco is prepared in different ways, usually with the same ingredients in different portions. Put the fillets of chicken breast, potatoes, onion, salt and pepper and cook in the water and mixed milk for about 45 minutes. minutes or 1 hour (until the meats are soft and the potatoes uvillas and cholas dissolved). Remove the fillets of chicken breast and onion. Add to the broth the ears that have been cooked separately and simmer until the density is reached You add the guascas and cilantro 5 minutes before serving. If the chicken is going to serve frayed, add the ajiaco at the time of serving or there are some who prefer it apart. If the fillets are whole, serve a portion in each You can also serve the frayed meats mixed with the cream, as they are better looking. Accompany this appetizing dish with avocado chilli, ají de yerbas or simply with slices of avocado. Capers and cream of milk are served separately and each diner is served to your liking. The ears are served whole or shelled with ajiaco or, if preferred, apart. Recommended Recipes

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