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  • August 8, 2018
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cheese Types of Cheese

cheese | Camembert

Cheeses | Camembert


It is basic in a cheese board and is used for special recipes, with fish, meat, salads, among other specialties. It combines well with dry and somewhat acid white wines like Sauvignon Blanc. If the cheese is already very ripe, it can also be tasted with a French red wine.


Refrigerated between 4 and 8 ° C. Any alteration in the form of conservation will modify its characteristics and its useful life. It must be consumed before its expiration date. Once opened, store it in a hard plastic container with lid or wrapped in plastic kitchen paper so that no air or moisture enters.


It belongs to the family of soft paste and mildewed rind cheeses. It is a cheese made with pasteurized milk, standardized with lactic ferments and Penicilium Candidum fungus that gives the bark an ivory white color, an aroma and texture characteristic of a soft-paste product. P>

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